Hargrove Mountain Timber Loose Logs 30"

The Mountain Timber is Hargrove's latest series of fresh cut logs, designed for larger fireplaces, and also offered in standard sizes. Utilizing a new paint process and featuring massive, rounded logs, Hargrove has created a log set that captures the distinctive beauty of the high country like never before.The Hargrove Heritage begins with trees. The branches of real trees form the basis of a Hargrove gas log set. The log molds are painstakingly made by hand, to carefully reproduce every knot and split, every chunk of bark, every inch of wood texture. It allows Hargrove to capture the beauty and realism you demand, realism that will leave your guests wondering how you always seem to have a warm, cozy fire in your fireplace, yet never seem to be bothered by carrying wood, hauling ashes or the mess of a wood hearth.The primary ingredient of a Hargrove gas log is expanded clay, which is a clay material that has been kiln heated to approximately 2100AF, or until calcination has occurred. Calcination releases gases from the clay, causing it to expand and form a stabilized material that can be mixed with other refractory ingredients. The expanded clay is mixed with Fondu, a bonding agent that is highly resistant to heat, corrosion, and abrasion. Together they create a strong, ceramic material that is capable of withstanding temperatures of over 2000AF, yet can be molded into logs with the crisp detail Hargrove is known for.Expanded metal mesh reinforcement is molded into each log, for added strength and stability. Using expanded metal places more surface area of the reinforcement in contact with the molded log materials, for more strength, better adhesion, and greater resistance to cracking from expansion and contraction than steel rod or rebar reinforcements.Hand painted highlights add to the beauty and realism of Hargrove gas logs. The color process entails two to nine hand applied coats of color, giving variations in shading and tone from one log to the next, just as